When Roger told me that we were traveling to Indonesia, I was so excited to discover it.

 I was keen to discover Bali specially.  There was so much I’ve heard about “the island of gods”. It was a dream to me; I’ve always checked pictures and places about Bali on IG or Google.

The moment I arrived, I already felt for this island. For the first time in my life I found a place so far away from home that seems to offer it all: culture, friendly people, tasty food, nature , happiness, and last but not least lifestyle. But, Bali is much more than that! There is a special vibe and essence, something authentic that is difficult to describe, which has touched and inspired me.

It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming character. They just knew how to give us a good time.  However the island of the gods offers great beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful nature sites to explore , I discovered quite some different places I will try to give you some insights to my favorite places, there are so many places to explore in Bali such as Seminyak, Ubud, Amed, Uluwatu, Tegalalang.

I started my adventures at the Paica which was a very good idea after the tight schedule we had In Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The Paica is a place that you consider as your home base for exploring Bali. I still remember the sound of the river, the singing birds and other natural sounds, honestly waking up to that beautiful sounds, and to that amazing tropical trees facing the river gave me a good mood to start my day, and of course I didn’t forget about the friendly staff we had and the warm smile they had, everyone treated us so hearty, I had the feeling that I wasn’t in a hotel. It was my home in Bali.

Saying goodbye to the hotel and the staff after only two days was really difficult. We were even thinking about spontaneously staying longer! But there was a nice guy that works for the hotel helped us to organize our time in Bali and gave us insider tips on where to go and what to do! Belong you can find my favorite pictures from our first day in one of the beautiful beaches in Bali. I hope you enjoy it.

**     BADUNG BENOA BEACH     **


Outfit details: Swimsuit Asos // Kimono made by me .

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African ,Berber woman, out to explore the big wide world.

24 thoughts on “BADUNG BENOA BEACH”

  1. Reading your blog and looking at the pictures makes me wannavisit Bali. It has a lot to offer as you have mentioned the waves, the food, and everything about the place is somehow alluring. Great blog Loudy!

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  2. That is interesting, Bali is also on my bucketlist. I heard they have working spaces for Digital Nomads over there too and would like to check them out! Well done on the beach pics, it´s nice to escape the winter morosity!

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  3. Looks like you had such a great time. I went to Bali last year but i never got to make it to Badung Benoa Beach, it looks insane! I also agree that the Balinese people are super welcome and friendly!

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  4. In a way Bali reminds me of Fiji. The people there were warm and welcoming and the beaches were sublime! I’d love to visit Bali someday for myself and see! 🙂

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  5. I have never thought of visiting Bali. I mean I stopped there for a night but it was wet season and I was on my way to Perth. I just never realised it was so beautiful with so much to offer. I love the photos of the blue ocean.

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  6. I am almost sure I will visit Bali this year and your pictures make me visit the place even more. It’s my first time I hear about Paica, but will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. We have been putting off our trip to Bali as we want to do it on one of our India visits. But your pictures make me wanna revisit! Love this quick guide and your pictures are stunning as always

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