How did we end up in Amed? That’s a good question!A receptionist in Paica hotel recommended us to do snorkeling there. “It’s the best spot” he said.

So, after visiting Ubud, we drove directly to Amed which is a long coastal strip of fishing villages in East Bali. When we arrived, we couldn’t wait after seeing those beautiful beaches, so we just put on our bath suits and jumped into the water. I can’t tell you how clear and fresh the water was, you could stay there till late and you won’t get bored at all.

Later we went to chill in one bar on the beach called ” sama sama”, it was calm. Sitting there having a drink and talking to my friends watching the sunset was too perfect to be real. The waiter was very nice, he was asking us if we needed something all the time; he even asked me if my mom was Indonesian, because he said that it look like an Indonesian girl, haha! We really enjoyed that moment.

At night we stayed in a bungalow called SIWA. Let me tell you about the owner, a peaceful Rasta man he also owned a Rasta bar. I still remember his style: walking barefoot, with long hair, wearing surf shorts, with a big smiley face in the face. He was  special.

I’m sure you asked yourself what does “ We are family “ mean. Well, it came from him because when we arrived to the bungalow  we asked about the hour of the breakfast and he told us “don’t worry, we are family. You can have it in the morning, in the afternoon or at  night, whenever you want”. In addition to that my friends didn’t have the light in their room so they asked for it. We were expecting him to fix it but he surprised us with a candle. He said “No light no problem. Here is the candle it’s more romantic.” His coolness caught us by surprise.

Then we went out to have dinner in a restaurant called “Waroeng Santa’Fe “just near the Bungalow. The food was very appetizing. I enjoyed eating the fish made in the Balinese way. We were happy about the quality of the food. Once we finished eating we went for a walk around the island. It was very calm. If you stop and take a look around you, you will realize how lucky you are lucky to be surrounded by positive people, full of happiness.

I swear that I didn’t see a single sad face. What shocked me is that almost all the people from the island loved music, especially reggae. They were all playing different instruments with their long hair. You could see how joyful they were. It was impressive.

The next morning we woke up with an earthquake. I was very scared, I went running outside to check if it was real or just a dream! Unfortunately it was true. When I told a guy that was working there about it, he started to laugh like it was a joke and his answer was” earthquake no problem, tsunami no problem, it’s nature”. I didn’t know how to answer. I had no words so i just said “ohh!! Okey okey”. Luckily it wasn’t anything serious. So we just tried to have a normal day like the day before. We started having breakfast and then to the beach to do snorkeling. I loved it because I saw many fishes. All kind, including some types that I had never seen before. Swimming around underwater temples is so magic that it makes you forget about everything.

We loved how we spend our days in Amed. To wake up every morning  with such a beautiful view and the Balinese typical breakfast, the delicious banana pancakes. I liked to see those lovely people preparing the offering to their gods, consisting of small baskets made of rice and roses and other stuff. Actually we saw people preparing them everywhere we walked. In front of every shop, house and all other places you can think of, a daily offering is made. Some would think of it as something rather crazy (or at least very time-consuming), but it is part of their religion and it is believed that gods must be reassured of people’s good intentions.

After-all what made Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali was to meet real people who are pleased to meet you and willing to explain you about their way of living and to share with you their high spirits 



**     AMED’S LIFESTYLE     **




**     BEAUTIFUL SUNSET     **


Wearing: Black Bikini Crochet by Me // Jumpsuit Sheinside

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26 thoughts on “WE ARE FAMILY”

  1. That sunset is stunning – you’ve captured it beautifully!!! I visited Bali a few years ago now but I would love to return one day!


  2. Reggae is such a universal music – I think I’ve heard it everywhere I’ve traveled to in the world! Amed seems like a very laidback place to just relax and enjoy the beach. Lucky the earthquake was nothing serious!

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  3. I did my internship in Bali. I went through the island but missed one spot which was Amed. I am so sad that we did not make it there, but then again it gives us a reason to go back. And the rasta man sounds like an awesome person! I too experienced an earthquake in Bali, but it was so small that I was not even sure what just happened. I guess as long as nothing serious happens, it’s alright 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amed sounds so serene and relaxing. It’s great to meet new people when you travel and I especially love the story of the owner. He sounds so lovely. I would definitely take a trip to Amed. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bali is so beautiful. The sunsets are beautifully captured. My favourite food is always narsi goreng. And yes the different fruit pancakes are worth dying for.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Your photos are so nice! I can not image what you felt during the earthquake! I would be so scared as well! But I guess its normal for locals as it probably happens a lot over there! I am glad it was just tiny earthquake and you ok.

    Liked by 1 person

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