GILI’S SUNSET SWING          


If you are interested in seeing some really impressive sunsets, I strongly believe that the sunsets in Gili islands are by far the most beautiful.

While I was there, I went everyday to see which different colors the sunset will bring. I already took some sunset photos as you can check in my previous post “ Discovering Gili’s Archipelago”, but today’s shots were in the classic Gili Trawangan “Swing” .

I hope you enjoy watching the sunset pictures. Stay tuned to see the next post.


Si estáis interesados en ver puestas de sol impresionantes, os puedo decir que las que pude ver en el Gili Islands son de las mejores con diferencia.

Cuando estuve allí, presencié todas las puestas de sol para ver los diferentes colores del atardecer. Ya publiqué algunas fotos de puestas de sol, como podéis ver en mi anterior post “Discovering Gili’s Archipelago”, pero en el post de hoy las fotos son en los clásicos “Columpios” de Gili Trawangan.

Espero que disfrutéis viendo las fotos de la puesta de sol. Hasta el próximo post.

**         WEARING OYSHO SWIMSUIT          **


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40 thoughts on “GILI’S SUNSET SWING”

  1. I think chasing the perfect sunset (or sunrise) is the unspoken goal of many a traveler and you certainly have found a contender here in the Gili Islands. The swing certainly looks like a great spot on which to watch it while you did a great job of capturing the beauty in your shots. Really nice stuff and looking forward to future posts

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  2. These photos are simply stunning! I’ve heard about this swing before, but your pictures are definitely the best I’ve seen. Also, I’m obsessed with your bathing suit!


  3. Wow! I’m a massive sunset chaser, to the point where my husband gets left behind, while I run off to photograph it, haha. This looks like an incredible place to witness beautiful sunsets, and I won’t have to run away. I can picture us sitting in that swing watching the sun go down, cocktail in hand, ahhhh! Thank you for the inspiration, and your swim suit is stunning BTW 😉 (

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  4. That famous swing! I always see this on Instagram. 🙂 Bali has some really great sunset spots! Gili is in my bucket list! I love your swimsuit, by the way!

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