Having a blog is a good way to recall and reflect about travel experiences, but some experiences are difficult to put in words. Anyhow, I’ll try in this post to describe the waterfalls that we encountered in Lombok.

After diving in Gili Islands, we took a ferry to Lombok to discover a new Indonesian island and explore its beaches, waterfalls and mountains.

We arrived to Bangsal around 5pm, where we took a taxi south to Kota Mataram. After checking some hotels, we ended up in Victor 3 Hotel. I wouldn’t say it was classy but it was fine enough to sleep and relax after a long day diving and travelling.

The next morning, we started a new day with energy to discover Lombok’s waterfalls and rice terraces. We knew that even if this island is less known than Bali, we could find beautiful spots such as the ones we visited some days ago.

We just needed a car, so we rented one and we started the adventure. Although we used Google maps for directions, we ended up lost in the wild. To be honest, we were in the middle of nowhere: it was the jungle! I wanted to get outside the car, but I saw a huge spider in the rear window and I thought it was safer to stay in. My boyfriend and the others went to discover whether it was the right path to the waterfalls. Half an hour later, my boyfriend appeared with a bunch of bananas that he took from a tree. He must have had suffered to get those bananas (which were inedible by the way) because he had scratches all over his body. Some minutes later, the rest of the group came back and told us it wasn’t the right way. Bad news, we had to continue searching for those waterfalls.

After some hours driving, we saw an information panel that showed all the waterfalls in that area. That helped us to find the right road. Our first stop was a short hike to Sendang Gile, a beautiful cascade surrounded by tumble rocks and trees whose leaves seemed to perpetually weep for the beauty they were witnessing. It was a relatively easy 10 minute descent from the park entrance to Sendang Gile, and for your information you are going to have to ascend the same way when you are done because there are no other routes.

Once there, we continue to explore the rest of the cascades. We had to climb more than 300 steps through the monkey forest before reaching the second isolated waterfall, Tiu Kelep. I was happy because I enjoyed hiking through nature. The final 30-40 minute hike requires you to remove your shoes. The water is never deeper than your knees, but with slippery rocks to contend with, it’s definitely a good idea to keep your valuables in a waterproof bag or high above your head. I was worried about my camera because the bag wasn’t waterproof. Luckily, everything was okey at the end. We crossed rivers and streams until we were rewarded with a miraculous view. I had seen many waterfalls in Bali but the Tiu Kelep became one my favorites.

We hadn’t had yet the opportunity to swim in a waterfall in Lombok, so we took the chance to have (be careful with the strength of the water splashing) a dip into Tiu Kelep’s fresh cold water. My friends swam but I couldn’t. The current was strong and the water freezing. While they were swimming I took some pictures.

The place was worth visiting. I’m glad that we traveled to Lombok. It is home to the most impressive waterfalls.

To conclude, let me give you two practical advices : 1) you should be fit because it is a demanding, and 2) you should go early in the morning because it’s a long excursion.

Stay tuned to see Jatiluwih rice terraces in my next post.


**     Road to SENDANG GILE     **


**     discovering TIU KELEP waterfalls     **


Outfit details: Shoes Quechua // Short Sheinside // Top Pull&Bear.

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  1. I’ve heard that Lombok is a must-visit because a lot of travelers claim it’s what Bali “used to be” – did it seem like that to you? I hope to visit both (and much more of Indonesia!) next year – it’s such an overwhelmingly huge country to plan time in!

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  2. The falls look so beautiful. The road leading to is is also so scenic. I am sure the walk to the waterfall was a wonderful experience. The thrill of arriving at a waterfall is always an unbeatable experience.


  3. Indonesia seems to be full of amazing islands. And they look so green, marked with stunning waterfalls. I am definitely going to follow your footsteps when I go here


  4. Absolutely Gorgeous! I want to visit this place but need to be fit before heading to Tiu Kelep. All the pictures posted here are very beautiful. Loved it!

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  5. I’ve heard so much about Lombok recently but hadn’t seen any photos. Yours are absolutely stunning – those waterfalls look absolutely beautiful. Ad I love the sound of the monkey forest – so cool!

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  6. I love it! Your outfit is perfect for the trek but a little more inviting to the mosquitoes than I’d want.
    Waterfalls make great pictures and that’s why I love them. The place looks very similar to the one we visited last year in Lonavala, Mumbai.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

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  7. What a beautiful place! Since my first time in Thailand I love jungles. Your photos are amazing, this waterfall looks really impressive and to see monkeys like this there is truly a great experience. I can imagine to get lost with the car somewhere in the jungle might not be that funny, but finally you made it 🙂

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  8. Oh this sounds just delightful! I love how you point it out that being fit is a bonus on excursions like this. So many people never think about that aspect of travel. And I have noticed, that many times the harder to reach places do indeed require a bit of athleticism!

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