As promised in the previous post Tiu Kelep & Sendang Gile, today’s article will be about rice terraces of Bali.

So now you I guess you’re wondering how were Jatiluwih rice terraces, right? Let me tell you first how we got there.

 It took us almost two hours and a half driving to Jatiluwih terraces. We got lost so many times, but we kept searching till we found the place. Along the way, we enjoyed so much the views. It was all green, the original meaning of “green land”. Even though it rained so much after leaving the waterfalls, the rain couldn’t stop our adventure because we had a car. The rain made the experience even better.

Anyways, I was excited to see the rice paddies because I hadn’t googled the images before and I didn’t know what to expect. As I had already been in Tegalalang rice field in Bali, I expected something similar.

We were feeling tired after that long day, but this feeling went away as soon as we arrived to Jatiluwih.


The entrance was free, perfect! We parked the car, I changed my top, I picked up my camera and we went straight to see the rice field.


It was enormous and it had a very soothing atmosphere. A misty fog seemed to appear from the other side. It was stunning, I just stood up and absorbed the whole moment.


I took my camera and started to capture views. The light and clouds didn’t help me that much, but I did my best to take shots from the best angle. I also had the problem of slipping over, but I tried to stand steady and in the same time capture good pictures. We were amazed by the beauty of the site.


Then my fiance jumped in the field to discover every part of it. I wanted to join him, but I was hesitating. After some minutes,  I couldn’t resist and I followed him. The field was huge, we didn’t even know from which part to start.The fields were much bigger and cleaner than Tegalalang fields. All you could see was green landscapes all around.


Jatiluwih requires an effort to explore it. It’s so vast that we couldn’t see even half of it. We got lost in those wonderful fields without hordes of people crowding us or ruining the scenery.


We had to hike a few hours, but we enjoyed every minute of it: from seeing snakes and tadpoles swimming through the rice, to climbing and walking muddy stairs because it had rained. I could say that it’s one of the top things to see in Indonesia. The rice terraces crawl up the sides of the hills like steps leading you toward the blue-pink sky. In addition to that, there were only few people walking through the rice fields which made us feel comfortable. It was just us and the nature.


I definitely recommend you this spot. Even if it’s not easy to find, try to get there and make an effort to spend a few days to explore another kind of beauty, far from the tourist area.


In the end, after admiring the splendid Jatiluwih paddies, it was time to hit the road before it was dark. The plan was to go directly to Kuta-Lombok, but we were exhausted and it was already night. So we just came back to Kuta, Bali to spend another night to relax and get ready for the next trip.

You want to know what happened in Kuta? I’ll keep you updated with my Indonesia adventures in my next post.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll answer all your questions.

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  1. Looks like a good trip to the rice terraces. I’ve always wanted to visit the rice terraces but still didn’t get a chance. I’m sure I will someday. Great post and thanks for sharing your trip to the rice terraces.

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  2. I love all these pictures. I’m kind of sold on lomboK I love that it’s the lesser known island of the two. Dying to see the beautiful rice terraces too, they look amazing! Except for the snakes! LOL

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  3. Wow, stunning…and somehow dramatic with this fog / mist. Very great atmosphere in your photos here. I never saw such rice fields with my own eyes but I am sure this is something truly impressive. But most amazing to me look the tadpoles and snakes – seems like you have even a mini zoo there 🙂

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  4. WOW! Spectacular scenes there. Haven’t visited Lombok but been to Bali – yes I know – and was completely mesmerized by the rice terraces. In fact my parents just bought a huge painting of the terraces to go up in our dining room. I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies so the snakes are a little scary, but I guess it’s all about taking your steps slowly.

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  5. I’ve never been to Indonesia but I have seen rice terraces like this in Nepal. The area around the Jatiluwih rice terraces looks beautiful. The sky looks a bit grey though, just as well you’s were traveling by car and not motorbike. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. The clouds look incredibly dramatic, I love how you’ve captured the area. Unfortunately, I haven’t visited Lombok but it’s always been on my list. The rice terraces definitely look less touristy than those in Bali, a hidden gem in Lombok it seems! It looks like a great place just to spend a couple of days to unplug but I’m not quite sure about those snakes!

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    1. Thank you for visiting my Blog and checking out my post. Lombok is a really nice island I enjoyed it so much. Trust me I don’t like snakes neither but this ones were not dangerous they didn’t care about people haha


  7. Wow! You’re right those are much larger than the ones I saw in Bali. Looks like you had a great day exploring them. I visited Bali last year and while I wouldn’t have wanted to shorten my time there I wish I had more time to go and explore Lombok! I guess it’s just a perfect excuse to head back to Indonesia.

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  8. What a beautiful place! I love showing the kids where food comes from…most kids think food comes from the grocery store!! I have a green thumb and love seeing beautiful things growing…but snakes FREAK me out!!!

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  9. The ride paddies look awesome. I love how you have focused on a different area of Indonesia other than Bali as Bali has so much coverage out there. I would love to get to Indonesia one day. The nation has so much to offer and Lombok would definitely be where I would go as I have heard there is great snorkeling there too.

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  10. As an Australian, most of us have gone to Bali to see the Temples etc but I never got a chance to see the rice fields with my own eyes which they look impressive in your photos. I don’t remember the snakes so I can definitely leave those ones to you.

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  11. Rice terraces always fascinate me. They are not only sources of food but are an engineering feat. They have been around for centuries and I’m sure you guys had a good time viewing and exploring them.

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  12. The photographs are spectacular. I had no idea that rice was grown that way – I thought it was just a field. I love that you didn’t just look and take pictures but you stepped in and explored. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. How wonderful that you visited these vast rice terraces. The photos are wonderful but I especially like that you encountered wildlife too. I haven’t seen tadpoles since I was a kid so that photo brought back memories. And to think they will morph into frogs. What a sight that would be. Very nice post, enjoyed reading it and seeing your photos.

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  14. Oh this is just the type of thing we like to find when we travel. Indonesia has slowly been creeping up to top on my bucket list. But, I really had no idea we could see these rice fields there! This is just beautiful and I love that the snakes and the frogs are there 🙂

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  15. I recently came to know that Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is under UNESCO! As a lover of UNESCO sites, this is going right into my wish list! Indonesia and Philippines are so filled with such amazing blessing by Mother Nature!!! We do have Terrace farming in India as well, but its mostly not rice!!!

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  16. This place looks wonderful! I love rice and I would love to visit that place! And Indonesia in general! I can’t wait when u post more especially I am wonder about those waterfalls u mentioned !

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  17. Oh the rain has made your photos extra moody. I love seeing the rice paddies filled with water. I’ve never been to Bali but reading your posts has made me want to consider a change in travel destinations…

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  18. So beautiful! I have recently been to Banaue in the Philippines which have amazing rice terraces and the walls are made of stone. It was so amazing being there amongst terraces. Jatiluwih reminds me so much of Banuae. I will be over in Indonesia sometime soon so this would be lovely to see.

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  19. First of all, I thought Lombok is in Bali. Lol. Clearly, I know nothing about this country. We have something similar in the Philippines but the difference I think is, the rice terraces that we have in the Philippines are much higher than the ones in Lombok. I couldn’t walk properly along the terraces as my knees were shaking because of the height of it. I think the one in Lombok is my cup of tea, I won’t be too scared to walk around it.

    Also, is that a snake in one of your photos??? YAIKS!

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  20. Love your detailed account. Very picturesque and I heard it’s a unesco site. Too bad we didn’t have time to travel over from Nusa Dua the other time we visited Bali so I guess this makes up for it. Cheers!

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