My second (and last) day in Paris.

I don’t have many things to tell about this day, it was a short visit to the Eiffel Tower and some streets around it. We woke up a bit late and that gave us little time to visit, taking into account that we had to catch a plane in the afternoon.

While walking around the “Champ de Mars”, we spotted an Italian restaurant called Gloria, and we stopped by to have lunch. It was a good choice: the place was clean and food was delicious. It’s a place that I would recommend to you. After having lunch, our time in Paris was finished. We called Uber to go to the Airport and took the plane back to Casablanca.

This trip was not enough to explore all Paris but it was good enough for a quick visit. I’m sure I’ll come back soon to explore all the secrets of this beautiful city.

Hope you liked the pictures.

A la prochaine!

Wearing Zara jeans & shirt // Adidas shoes

















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59 thoughts on “PARIS PHOTO DIARY”

  1. Amazing pictures and scenery! Nice blouse. I LOVE the black and white striped blouse! I have a short sleeve shirt version of that too.

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  2. Visiting Pariss is def on my bucket list and these pictures make me want to visit there even more! Looks like a fabulous day of sightseeing, relaxing and eating!

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  3. I never get tired of Paris and these photos make me want to go back. Despite what some say about the Eiffel Tower, I love seeing it. Paris is truly a photogenic city!

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  4. You have taken some wonderful Instagram images in Paris next to the Eiffel Tower here. I’ve seen a few of them on Instagram already but there are some more of these images you must put on! The 3rd picture of you sat on the wall looking at the Eiffel Tower is the picture you should put on Instagram next!

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  5. What really lovely photos you have of this trip to Paris. What a shame you slept in and couldn’t stay any longer. You really must return to do the city justice as I’m sure you would get great value from the experience.

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  6. These photos are so great! We were in Paris in April and this made me so jealous of your warmer weather! We’re wearing coats in all our photos! Looks like you found some great photo spots for the Eiffel Tower!

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  7. Your pictures are gorgeous! They brought back fond memories of my previous trips to this magical city. I loved exploring the gardens of the Eiffel Tower – such beautiful landscaping, right? I’m totally bookmarking Gloria, for my next visit – sounds like a nice little restaurant.

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  8. Love thy pictures. Even though you had very less time in your hand considering the flight to catch, your photos are proof that you made the most of your time by having tons of fun and creating memories.

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  9. I have not visited Paris – it’s on my bucket list. Your photos are wonderful. I especially love those cars! You say don’t visit in winter, but if the crowds are less during that time, it might be worth it brave the cold!

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    1. yes it’s true when it’s crowded you wont enjoy it, but trust me if you can’t handle the cold better later haha than winter it was freezing 😀


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