Indonesia , Travel, 30 July 2016


We’ve heard a lot about Uluwattu cliff front surf views and amazing sunsets.

So After having a good lunch in Badung beach, we took the car and we headed to Uluwattu. It was all about nature, the fresh air, the beautiful beaches; it was so easy to lose yourself and lose a track of time.

There was so much to do and see there! We did a lot in short period of time but I know we could have fit in more if we were better organized. But anyways for a day it was already enough, in our way to the popular beach Padang Padang along south-west coast of Bali, which is a surfer’s paradise, a stunning place, where we spent a few hours swimming, tanning and just appreciating the view. The water wasn’t too rough so I felt comfortable going in. also we were lucky to see the resident monkeys.

Afterwards we wanted to have a drink watching the stunning sunset, we had a lot of choices, there were so many bars with beautiful views, and honestly it wasn’t easy to choose. But finally we picked a very calm bar, the others were kind of a pub, you know lot of people, loud music, it wasn’t the kind of bar we were looking for.

I can’t describe you the feeling I had drinking my Mojito, having my lover beside me watching the surfers catching the waves; with the sunset it was so perfect to be real. I really didn’t want to leave that place but as we had a long journey the next day, we had to go back to Kutta to have dinner then to the hotel. But I took amazing images with me that I will always have it in my mind.



Outfit details: Swimsuit Asos // sunglasses Dior


**     SUNSET     **


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