On our way back to Kuta from Amed, we decided to stop over to see the beauty of the waterfalls of Git Git.I had never witnessed how powerful water can be.It was impressive to see the water falling from 30m.

**     WELCOME TO GIT GIT Waterfalls     **


It didn’t take us long to arrive to the waterfalls from the spot where we left the car. Once we arrived, and after admiring the beautiful scene in front us which could have been taken out from a fantasy movie, we decided to jump into the natural pool created by the water falling over hundreds of years.


Contrary to what I thought, it was difficult to get under the falling water because the current created didn’t let you swim towards the center and it was constantly pushing you outside and far from it.


The water was very cold but we didn’t care because we wanted to be part of that beautiful landscape. We took lots of pictures. We felt united with nature. There were not many people around but the people we crossed seemed as fascinated as us by that beautiful place.


After one hour bathing in the natural pool, it was time to leave and find something to eat. In our way back to the car we found a local restaurant hidden behind some huge trees. An old and very kind woman, who was the owner of the place, welcomed us and invited us to seat in the best table of the restaurant. We enjoyed the Indonesian food that she cooked for us : Mie-Goreng and Nasi-Goreng ( not too much diversity, as in a vast country). The restaurant was surrounded by beautiful and tall palm trees. It was all green! We could still hear the sound of the water falling. It was a pleasant lunch.


Git Git waterfalls were not the only ones we visited in Bali but they will be the ones that I will never forget.

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41 thoughts on “STEP INTO THE JUNGLE”

  1. it looks amazing ❤ Indonesia is on my list for next year, I´m definitely going to visit this place, I love nature and swimming by waterfalls. those creepy masks are also pretty cool

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  2. This place looks awesome<3 Indonesia is on my list for next year, i will definitely visit this place, i love nature and swimming in waterfalls. Those creepy masks are pretty cool too! thank you for sharing 🙂

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  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous while the water certainly seems incredibly inviting, particularly on a warm Indonesian day. Not quite so sure about those masks though, although I’m sure they would make a great souvenir for a few people back home. Indonesia is certainly on my list of must-go places and hopefully will have a chance to experience Bali within the next year

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  4. The Git Git waterfall is gorgeous! I can see how you’d want to get in and be part of it. I always want to be more immersed in beautiful places. And nice to have a little local lunch after, even if it is the same fare.

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  5. Beautiful! Such a waterfall in the jungle – very romantic! Impressive to see how powerful water can be, isnt it?
    To bathe in this pool must be truly a great experience.
    The masks also look really cool, seems like a perfect gift 🙂

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  6. Git is a rude word in English English, it funny they’ve named the waterfalls Git Git!! I love Nasi Goreng, that’s all I really eat in Indonesia and Malaysia. Your photos are amazing as usual, I love the first one of you facing the falls.

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  7. Your photos are stunning and for sure your experience in exploring Git Git falls is far more rewarding than the photo conveys. I would always love to step into the jungle to unwind, to be with nature and relax with green surroundings and even with the sound of falling and flowing water. Indeed, nature has the magic to soothe our weary souls.
    Thanks for sharing your day in the jungle…

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  8. This looks like an amazing adventure! From a person who doesn’t not like to be out in nature, it was very refreshing to see so much greenery. You look like you had a blast! I can’t say that I would put this on my wishlist (I am so scary- haha!), but I can say it was great to see that this made you happy! Thank you for sharing!

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  9. I am living in Bali and have visited them a year ago. The power of the water is so impressive. I love the picture with you and the mask on so funny 🙂 and how doesn’t like a good nasi goreng. Cool article

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  10. What beautiful waterfalls. My favorite waterfalls are definitely those that form a natural pool at the bottom that you can swim at. I like how accessible Git Git waterfalls are. Good to know there is a restaurant close by too. That much relaxation would definitely make me hungry.

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  11. Those photos are beautiful and I’m sure the surroundings were even better in real life. You guys are so luck y to have found that place and been able to swim there. That’s interesting how the falling water created a force that pushed you away, so you couldn’t swim under the falls.

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  12. This place is heaven! The waterfall is absolutely gorgeous and love the whole place. I would really love a dip in the water. Love the place but the mask is a bit to spooky for me! Great post!

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  13. How amazing! The pictures look absolutely stunning, I need to add this to my bucket list! I especially love the picture of you by the waterfall and with that mask! 🙂

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  14. Wow, this really does look like the stuff of fantasy movies! And that little restaurant is so adorable! What a great little spot, thanks for sharing =)

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