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Hey guys! I know it’s been a long time since my “ Paris photo diary ” post. I really missed to write and share with you my stories and pictures.Today’s post is about another stunning spot of Al Hoceima. As I mentioned in my previous post “ Welcome to my Rifland ”, my brother and I are obsessed with hiking rocky mountains to find empty beaches and cliffs to jump from to the sea. This one is one of our favorite spots.PSX_20161026_205059



Early in the morning, after enjoying our mom’s delicious breakfast, we headed to the beach with our little brother Akram. We stopped in a beach called “Isli” which is near the spot of the pictures. The place is difficult to reach and it’s hidden between the mountains, so the only possible way to get there is hiking.


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We hiked all the way up till we reached the top. First moment you arrive there, especially if it’s your first time, you won’t realize where is the beach. You’ll find just a rocky wild surface and you will be a little bit confused !! However, if you keep walking you’ll see the edge of the cliff and there is where you have to descend to find yourself in the paradisaical beach with deep blue and transparent water.





From the top there is a wonderful landscape, you can see the Nekour islands which are 3 islands that Spain kept even after the independence of Morocco.

This was my second time here, so it was easy for me to know how to find it. But my first time here was with some friends that came from Paris, we asked so many people for the location, I know it’s weird because it’s my hometown and I must know it, but yes I discovered it with them haha!!





My brother told me that I was wearing a suitable outfit for the place, so we shoot some pictures, I enjoyed taking pictures there especially because there was nobody but us, so we felt so comfortable shooting, jumping. Moreover it was a nice place to do snorkeling. We didn’t see a lot of different fishes but it was nice to see some cute ones and some octopus hiding in the rocks.




I had such a wonderful precious time with my brothers, and I can’t wait for him to come from Kiev to spend some good time together again in August.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and you liked the pictures. I will keep posting about Alhoceima to show you the beauty of this city in the North of Morocco and its beaches.

Thank you for reading.

Outfit details : Short & Top Sheinside // Shoes Bershka


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