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NEW YORK, 21 – 26 NOVEMBER 2017



My husband and I decided to spend Thanksgiving in New York with two friends who joined us from Barcelona.

When I visit a city I want to see it all. I just make a list of all the places to visit, things to do, restaurants to eat and clubs to party at. But NY city, home to over 8.5 million people, contains so much to see and do, you can barely scratch the surface on a typical five-day visit. It’s gonna be great to visit again in Christmas.

We stayed at Dharma Home Suites JC at the Arts District, a very new, clean and modern building. Located in a safe neighborhood with all the facilities you can possibly imagine and only a few minutes walk to the Path, which brings you directly to Manhattan.

I’ve always heard that NY is the city that never sleeps and the moment I put my feet in Times Square I totally understood why. It was so busy, lots of people, cars and lights. Some might find it stressful but I find it alive. It’s exactly the type of city I’d like to live in.


I didn’t explore the whole city, but I visited the best attractions. The first day I went to Times Square, it was a fabulous place to watch for a few minutes from the top of the red steps of the TKTS kiosk. However if you aren’t shopping, eating or watching a show there isn’t much to do in the area. Then I met a friend from Morocco that moved to DC two years ago, we had lunch all together, then we kept visiting around. The first day we didn’t really do that much, we walked in the city all day long, had dinner and headed back to the apartment.






The next day was better planned, we knew what we were going to visit and to do. We bought tickets for NY hop on hop off bus tour, which I definitely recommend. We bought the Deluxe tickets which is a 2 day hop on hop off, Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island and night tour. It’s a great idea to see all the different parts of New York, it was totally worth it.

We started by Ellis Island, the view from the boat was amazing, on one side we had the tall buildings that were impressive and on the other side the Statue of Liberty which was huge and nice.


We arrived to the Island took a bunch of pictures, visited the museum, had lunch there and then we went back to the city. We continued the tour that took us to Brooklyn, Harlem, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy and Times square. We were really happy about it. After some hours exploring the city and hearing stories about it, it was really cold so we decided to stop a bit in Starbucks to drink hot chocolate and also to relax.




Few minutes later we headed to Soho to have dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant called Lombardi’s, you can check my previous post “Food in New York”. The second day was already finished, so we came back to our apartment to get some rest.

In the third day we took again the hop on hop off tour, visited the Top of The Rock and the MOMA. We also got to see Wall Street because we walked through it to get to the bus. Anyway the tour was great again, watching Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan bridge was amazing.


We had a really great time, our tour guide was very funny, he made the tour even better. Afterwards we went to have lunch at Rosemary’s which is another Italian restaurant that a friend recommended to me. Then it was time to go to the Top of The Rock which is one of the greatest observation decks in NY. It offered the best views from Central Park to Manhattan’s midtown and downtown skyscrapers. It was the perfect spot to watch the sunset, we stayed there for an hour and a half, I mean no one can get enough of this view, right?!







After feeding our souls with wonderful views we visited the MOMA “Museum of Modern Art” which was completely a new thing for me. I do like art but I’ve never got deeply into it and this was my first time being in a real museum with some real art. I was standing there trying to understand the message of the painters or in other words the artists. To be honest I still didn’t get some of the paintings, this made me think about getting deeper into art, because it’s such a beautiful thing.










We spent a couple of hours checking every part of the museum and taking pictures. Then we had a dinner with a friend of my husband in a restaurant called Ngam, it’s a Thai restaurant which I really recommend. The idea was to go to a rooftop to have some drinks but unfortunately they didn’t let us in, they said we needed to make a reservation before coming…

Anyway, this didn’t stop us from not having a drink haha, we kept walking and looking around for a pub or a bar and we suddenly spotted one pub that looked okay, but the inside was fine, music was good I danced a lot, I guess I missed dancing. While everyone was drinking I was holding a glass of water in my hand and dancing even though I was really tired.

The fourth day, was a chill day, we woke up at 10 am. We didn’t plan anything for the morning apart from eating at the Meatball Shop a restaurant located in East Village, that place was heaven of food, I loved it. Later we rented bikes to visit Central Park, I guess you guys have seen it in so many TV-series and movies, so it probably comes as no surprise that it’s the most filmed location in the world. It’s a big contrast to the rush of the city surrounding it, which is quite amazing. It’s such a peaceful and inspiring location. As one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York, it cannot be missed on your to-do-and-see-list during your stay here.





hadi wa3ra


Renting bikes was the best way to visit it all, if we had done it walking it could have took us a lot of time, given that we were short in time, renting bikes was the best option. We had fun riding the bikes all together in the park, watching beautiful views, some of the views seemed like a tableau of art, it was just pretty. Once we finished we gave back the bikes and we went to have dinner in a restaurant that was a bad option for our last night in NY, but at the same time it was good to know. Next time we’ll never go back again to eat there. After eating, the only idea we had in mind was the night tour which was a very good idea. Imagine yourself sitting in the roof of a bus watching New York city by night, it was just an awesome moment.







Finally we went back to our neighborhood, two steps from our apartment there were 2 or 3 bars, we got into one to have a drink and celebrate our last night, danced a bit, we had such a wonderful time together.

This is how I spent my four days in NY, the fifth day my husband and I came back to Boston, it was sad to say goodbye, but I’ll be back there soon yeey!

See you soon ❤

Wearing Zara boots and Red sweater
Forever 21 Hat
North face Coat
River Island white sweater

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  1. I’ve never been in New York but I would love to visit it one day! Thanks for the tips, your pics are awesome! Have you ever been in Naples, Italy? 🇮🇹

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  2. The views (that I saw from your Instagram, because the ones in your blog took forever to load–maybe my computer though) were spectacular! The hotel you stayed at also looked very nice. I am glad that you had a good time there! I would love to visit New York again someday, with new appreciation of what you related to me.

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  3. Nice article. It was such a great read. I also love your photos.

    Your write up about NY made me want to visit the place. Anyway, more power to your blog.

    Sending love from the Philippines

    Neil Alvin Nicerio
    The Backpack Adventures

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  4. I absolutely loved this post! I’ve never been to New York and just maybe I’ll be a traveler like you one day. The pictures were amazing. Glad you enjoyed your trip to America.

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