BARCELONA TIENE PODER         


My recent flight to Barcelona was a whirlwind.

I flew for 25 hours from Bali to Jakarta, then to Abu dhabi, then to Rome and finally Barcelona. The flight left me exhausted but excited to be back to Barcelona after having shot a travel diary in Indonesia.


In Barcelona, I relaxed a couple of days ‘til my brother came from Kiev to visit me (and the city). We both have a deep love for it, we always meet up there. Since we didn’t spend the summer together; something unusual, I was very happy to see him. It was a good moment to spend some time together.


Barcelona is for me a second home. I felt in love with this city four years ago, when I decided to go in what was my first solo travel. It was a little bit worried to travel alone because I was only 19 years old and from a country where girls don’t use to travel alone. I overcome my fears and left Morocco.


It was a very beautiful experience. I realized that after all you’re not alone in a solo travel if you don’t want to be. I met people from different countries and we discovered BCN together.


What makes Barcelona special and different from other cities or places is its architecture. When I say architecture I refer to buildings, houses, parks, streets, everything. It has style and art everywhere. Also the lifestyle. I’ve been visiting Barcelona since 2013 and I still feel the same love for it. I never got tired of it, the more you visit it the more you like it. It has everything you need, beautiful beach, weather, cool bars, amazing party, activities and a lot of places to see.


Back to the point: I spent a wonderful time hanging out with my brother in the beautiful streets of Barcelona. While walking around we could enjoy the company of many musicians and artists.


I watched those stunning buildings like it was my first time, I couldn’t pass by without taking pictures from those streets.


BCN, my brother, summer and lots of experiences to share from an amazing travel to Indonesia. I could not think of a better way to finish the Summer 2016. Or maybe yes. In my way back to Morocco, my home town was waiting for me to remind me why the beaches in Al Hoceima are unique.


Check my next post to discover how my Summer 16 ended!

**     Outfit details : Top ZARA // Short Sheinside // Shoes Adidas Superstar     **












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40 thoughts on “BARCELONA TIENE PODER”

  1. Great post! So glad you got over your solo travel fears… It’s incredible how many people you meet on the road. It never really ends up solo 😉 And haha that flight sounds like a nightmare, did your ankles swell? I remember flying from New Zealand back to the UK, and I had serious Cankles 😅 Happy travels, we look forward to your next post. The Austin’s (

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  2. oh how I miss Barcelona! It was my first solo trip and I stayed in the Gothic area. Every day I would walk and walk and walk and never get tired of exploring all the nooks and crannies of that beautiful city. I also love the beach area near the Old Olympic park, it has a totally different vibe than the old city.

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  3. You’ve come a long way—from your first solo trip just 4 years ago, to 25 hours of flying! And your photos in Barcelona are beautiful!! I’ve only ever been to Madrid in Spain but when I finally make it back then Barcelona is a must-see 🙂

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  4. I love what you are wearing. So chic! I am flying to Bali in feb 2017 and am really excited for that. Even Barcelona was gorgeous! I love the charm and gorgeous streets! Well-captured!

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  5. I understand why you’d able to endure the 25 hours journey–because Barcelona is your 2nd home. I’m glad that you enjoyed the place with your brother… It shows in your smile 🙂 great photos in the streets of Barcelona.

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  6. Oh I cannot wait to travel to Spain. Congrats on getting over your solo travel fears – although it’s not for everyone, I do believe people should give it a shot at least once. Thanks for sharing and the photos are beautiful! Amanda & Daniel (

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  7. Oh I cannot wait to travel to Spain. Congrats on getting over your solo travel fears – although it’s not for everyone, I do believe people should give it a shot at least once. Thanks for sharing and the photos are beautiful! Amanda & Daniel (

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  8. Wow. Your photos are stunning. I definitely want to take a trip now (not that I needed much convincing). Such a gorgeous city, thank you for sharing 🙂

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  9. I enjoyed my short time in Barcelona and seeing the Segrada Familia and buildings brought back so many memories. I have yet to visit Morocco, but would love to get there at some stage. I am glad you had a great time with your brother.

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  10. That was a super long flight, 25 hours, I can’t imagine the jetlag. You picked a great outfit again for your Barcelona pictures, I love the white top. The architecture looks truly amazing too!

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  11. I’m off to Barcelona in April – can’t wait to see all the beautiful buildings and architecture. Your pictures are lovely, especially the one with the sun rays shining through the windows and balcony. Nice post!

    PS I’ve always wanted to visit Morrocco also.

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    1. Thank you. Awesome you will enjoy Barcelona so much, I’m going next month for a few days, and every time I go it’s like the first time. Anytime you want to visit Morocco you can ask me I can give you tips 🙂 it’s a beautiful country


  12. I’m currently living in Barcelona and I totally get what you mean! The architecture and cool vibe in Barcelona is one that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. Like you I can definitely see myself coming back here years later! These are such cool shots of the city, love your outfits. That sounds like a crazy flight but at least you got to have an amazing experience at the end of it!

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