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A year ago, I would not have been able to imagine how much I would get into photography. I always liked taking pictures but now it is so much more. Landscapes, food, fashion, animals,… everything inspires me, and I walk through life with my eyes wide open. When I discover a new place, I feel sometimes so motivated that I find it hard to sleep. I constantly keep thinking about the next things that I want to shoot. Every time I think about this I get as excited as a child.

This trip to Paris was unexpected and short, but it was enough to see the most important touristic spots of French capital. We booked 4 nights at the hotel Ibis Paris 17 Clichy-Batignolles, which was comfortable and relaxing. Breakfast was included, so every morning we had a buffet with different things: juices, cheese, typical french croissant and bread, fruits…you know, a French breakfast.

The first two days we couldn’t visit anything due to the bad weather, and I’m a person that can’t handle the cold but I guess it’s normal since I live in Africa haha!! So we just went out to restaurants not far from the hotel. There were good ones such as “ Les Deux couples” and “Pizza Pino”.

The third day we went out to discover the city.


We started by “Hotel de ville”, the Town Hall of Paris, a French architecture building full of art and history with a big square on its front. It’s near Notre Dame and it’s worth visiting. I spent some time taking pictures of the building and the things around it.


Next stop was the “Centre Georges Pompidou”, a contemporary art museum named after Georges Pompidou, the President of France from 1969 to 1974 who commissioned the building. We didn’t visit the museum, but the building is a piece of art by itself. It is a different building, without a facade covering its interior. The area around the Museum is also great with lot of people sitting outside and playing street music in the big courtyard in front of the building.


We wanted to visit “Notre Dame” but we didn’t have time. Before admiring the massive cathedral next to the Sena, we stopped by a french restaurant named “Les Cours De Notre Dame” to have lunch. We entered and it was very French, even the waiters who tried to speak English had a strong french accent. It was crowded, and we had to wait some minutes before having a table. We ordered pasta and French wine. The food was so yummy and the staff were nice and funny. It is a restaurant that I would recommend.


After having lunch, it was time to see the “Notre Dame Cathedral”. Although we didn’t get to the top of the towers, I’m sure that the Paris’ view from there has to be stunning. The Cathedral has massive towers, incredible architecture and gorgeous stained glass windows.


Then we kept walking in the island “Ile de La Cité” which is one of the most attractive and lovely places in Paris. We walked all around the island and its streets. I would have loved to walk down on the riverside but you know that you can’t do everything in one day. I would have spent the entire day walking around the island’s streets and its “Crepes” shops. I enjoyed shooting awesome views and buildings.


Later, we went to “Musee Du Louvre “, which fascinated me from the outside. An imposing building with large spaces. It is a pity we didn’t have the chance to enter to see all the paintings that this museum holds. Again, we were short on time and a proper visit to the Louvre takes at least one day.


After admiring that place and taking some pictures, we walked towards “Place de la Concorde“, where there was a big wheel, but there was a long line and we kept on discovering the city.


While walking in the Champs Elysées we spotted a nice coffee terrace called “Café George V“. We were tired of walking and being cold so we entered and had “lait au chocolat “. It was pricy but everything is at the Champs Elysées. I loved the atmosphere, there were candles in every table, waiters at the door were nice and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. It was a good idea to go inside to take a break.


The last place we visited was the “Arc de Triomphe“. There were so many people and I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures, so I just took a few before heading back to the Hotel.


After that we ended up in a french restaurant called “Les Deux Coupoles“ to celebrate our first time together in Paris. It was a cozy place, food was delicious, waiters were nice, and all of the sudden the day had ended and we went back to sleep at the hotel.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my first day visiting Paris. Read about the rest of the trip in my next post.

Au revoir!❤

Outfit details : Coat, Jeans, Bag Zara // shoes Adidas 

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African ,Berber woman, out to explore the big wide world.

29 thoughts on “A Day in Paris”

  1. I love Paris. It is a place to open eyes, see things afresh, see a city with some insouciant style about it.

    I’ve always loved how the locals are perfectly at home. Not a button, not a hair strand, not a molecule out of place.

    You know what? You fit right in.

    My favorite places. Shakespeare and Co. – a famous bookshop on the Left Bank opposite Notre Dame. A little further east is the amazing Institut du Monde Arabe, with the mechanical windows, and the rooftop restaurant with superb views of the cathedral.

    Opposite the Eiffel Tower is the Palais de Chaillot above les Jardins des Trocadero. Perhaps a little bleak in March, but a lovely outlook. Le Petit Palais is a grand museum of art and design, much like London’s V&A but with its own charm.

    Hard to go wrong in Paris. Explore and be enchanted.

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  2. Paris truly is my home away from home. Every time I am there I feel at ease and have a creative spark ignited in me. I really enjoy just simply walking around taking it all in. Ile de la Cité is one of my favourites to explore as well the Montmatre area.

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  3. Ah I love Paris! It’s my favorite city. I love the photos you shared throughout your post. I think it’s easy to see your passion of photography through the pictures. There are some places I haven’t visited yet that you mentioned, so I’ll have to be sure to swing by next time I go. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. These photos are so amazingly gorgeous! I’ve definitely always wanted to visit Paris – there’s so much history, beauty, architecture, culture, and of course delicious food! Thank you for sharing just a taste of the beauty of this country – I can’t wait to go in the future!

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  5. Looks like a great adventure. I remember my first Paris trip. Well only Paris trip. It was the first big trip that I took my girlfriend on and now we’re married. It was over New Years when the Franc became the Euro.

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  6. I have always wanted to roam around Paris and enjoy all it has to offer and this post just made me want to do it that much more. Your photographs are amazing!


  7. Paris is definitely one of my dream destinations! Everything looks so beautiful! Everyone looks so chic! And the food looks so amazing! I’m happy for you that you are getting into photography. I also love taking photos, especially when I travel, but I don’t think I can turn it into a full-time job. It’s just a hobby. Your photos look great!

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