Washington, 26- 3 December 2017

Christmas Trip

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Hello 2018!! Hope you had a great Christmas & New Year’s night.

On the 26th I traveled to Washington with my husband and his family. We arrived by night, it was late to visit anything. We had only one day to visit Washington’s attractions.

We started with the White House. After that, we visited the National Mall including the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Then we stopped by a restaurant to have lunch and also to be warm a little bit.

After lunch, we continued our visit going to the National Air and Space Museum. It was a very cold day, I’m really glad that I bought my North Face coat if not I couldn’t have made it with the coat I brought with me from Morocco LOL! I wanted to spend as much time as possible just to not go outside and freeze, but we had to visit other places. After exploring the Museum we headed to the United States Capitol which is a beautiful building.

We spent a few minutes there checking out the building and its surroundings, took a few pictures and finally we came back to the hotel to relax and to hide from the freezing weather.

I dozed for an hour, then went to meet a friend to play bowling. Later, my husband and his family joined me. It was a funny night. At the end of night, we ended up in a Mexican restaurant to have dinner then back to the hotel.

Washington trip was very quick but long enough at least for me. I like busy cities so I was very excited to go back to NY to spend the rest of the days. We had a great family time there.

Now I’m back to Boston and it’s literally freezing here, I can’t wait to go somewhere were I can enjoy the sun.














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