Today I will end my series of Gili Trawangan pictures with my extraordinary experience at Buddha Dive.

After having breakfast, we went out to find a diving center. There were many options in the island. Among all these options, we saw a diving center called Buddha Dive, which seemed very good,  and we entered to check its offering. The people working on the center were nice and professional, and we decided to dive with them.

First of all, we did a little bit of diving theory (approx. 30min), then we practice in the pool for 30min. This is a very important part, because all the diving experience in the open waters depends on that moment. We learnt everything, from how to talk under water to solving problems we could face. I remember I was stressed and scared. Moreover, I had the feeling that I was stressing the others with me, so I tried to be calm and continue the practice.

The diver instructor was very professional and experienced. He knew how to make me calm. The words he used and the way he explained things changed my mood and made me feel relaxed. After being sure that we understood the lesson, we took the equipment and we get into the boat to start an adventure under the sea.

Weather was good, so we climbed to the roof of the boat and enjoyed the sun. Chilling, tanning, feeling the good vibes from the island sailing to the diving point. It was a good moment. I enjoy small travels while you’re travelling. We don’t realize or don’t stop to think about it. But we spend a great amount of our time travelling. Sometimes is more about the travel than the destination. Rather than over-thinking about the destination, we should more often stop, look around, and value and enjoy the travel.

Once we arrived to the diving spot, we got ready to dive. The moment has come. Everything was ready, the theory and the practice was clear in my mind, I just had to jump. Then, I don’t know what the f*** happened to me, but I panicked. I told my boyfriend: “I’m not gonna do this”. He tried to convince me, and also the instructor, who came over and told me “once you get down there, you will forget everything and you will focus only about the beauty of the sea”. That sentence gave me the courage, I closed my eyes and I jumped…

… and BOOM!! The whole ocean was there for me. No need to get out from water to breathe. At the beginning I was still lil’ bit stressed but as I became aware of the new universe that I had  below me, I completely forgot everything. My mind was focused and open to start a new adventure.

I still remember it as it was yesterday. It was a complete different world. I don’t know how paradise looks like but it has certainly to be something similar to what I saw over 1h of immersion. To be honest Gili was a fantastic destination for diving, because of its warm waters, high visibility, short distances to dive sites, and animal diversity.

Do not hesitate to send me a message if you’re planning to dive in Gili (or elsewhere) for the first time.

**     Chilling before we jump in    **


**    Welcome to the under sea world   **


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  1. Good decision to go for it! This looks like a lovely place. I went to Bali but didn’t get to go to Gili. I heard it’s beautiful and your photos prove that it is!

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  2. Glad you took the leap and went for it! I was terrified of diving the first time I tried it because you just really never know what’s underneath the water! However every time I’ve been it’s always proven to be astonishing! The last time we went diving was two years ago so we need to get out there again soon!

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  3. Glad you took the leap and went for it! I was terrified of diving the first time I tried it because you just really never know what’s underneath the water! However every time I’ve been it’s always proven to be astonishing! The last time we went diving was two years ago so we need to get out there again soon!

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    1. Thank you for checking out my post 🙂 yes I’ve learnt lot of things and came out with lot of different thinking even the way I saw life before. It really helped me think about life 🙂


  4. Yayyyy! I love the ocean and agree that Indonesia is one of the best spots to go diving, you are lucky that you had your underwater camera with you. I never managed to get one for myself. Also, I’m the same when it comes to the moment before going under. Can I do it? And then it miraculously works out and I can handle the ear pressure well. 🙂
    xx finja |

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  5. We took our PADI certificate in Malaysia a few years ago and we try to scuba dive anywhere we go, last time was in Komodo National Park (check our latest post) and it was amazing!!!

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  6. Bet you are happy now that you actually did go for it! 😉 Nothing can beat that underwater experience, it’s the whole different world. And it’s great that you’ve shared that feeling of starting panicking, it’s only natural. Hope you’ll have a lots more to tell about your future underwater journeys. 😉

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  7. wow, to see life under water with your own eyes has to be an awesome experience and you even had the opportunity to make some memories with camera… I would definitely like to try diving one day 🙂

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  8. Wonderful pictures, I also have been to Gili Islands but unfortunately at that time I didn’t have Scuba Licence!! I read many bad things about coral reel around the islands: Local people, slowly, are destroying everything using bomb to fish, boat and collection. Sadly I have to say that 20 years ago was different! Anyway great post, 😀

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  9. I’m a certified diver and I remember diving in Gili T a couple of years back. What I loved about diving there was the different times I could go for a dive – instead of the usual 8am start and back at 4pm.
    How exciting that it was your first time! It can get a bit stressful especially being your first time… It’s a bit of an unusual feeling breathing through a regulator and not having to come up for air, isn’t it?!

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