CHILLING DAY           


Today’s pictures were made in a  Beach Club. I didn’t plan to make a swimsuit post. But this place was very colorful and I couldn’t help it. I had to take some pictures in front of it and in the lovely Indonesian swing. I mean who wouldn’t?!!.

We didn’t really plan something for this day. We just spent it chilling; playing ping pong and volleyball, you know a “keep calm” day.

Then at lunch time we changed the place to discover the other Gili-T’s restaurants. We choose one not far from the first spot, the prices were suitable, and the food very delicious. In addition to that we had a stunning sea view right in front of us and good music. We spent a pleasant afternoon swimming and having fun.

Moreover to break the routine of every day we wanted to do something different, so after dinner we stopped by a Karaoke bar. It was funny, we were happy singing all of us with people from different countries.There were numerous restaurants and bars along the main street, not far from the beach. Nothing is far from the beach in a 10 km long island. You could hear music everywhere.

Gili islands are perfect for doing nothing but relaxing on the white sand and splashing in the crystal turquoise water. So if you want idyllic beaches and total chill go there, you won’t be disappointed.

**     Wearing Asos swimsuit     **


**     Pure bliss     **


**     Karaoke bar     **


More details in the second post about our few days in this paradise. Missing it now from my rainy cold home 😦 

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  1. This looks like pure bliss! I visited Gili Air when I was in Indonesia and didn’t have time to add Gili T to my itinerary. While I loved Gili Air, I can’t help but wish I had the time to visit both. Gorgeous photos of the swing. I’m sure it was stunning at sunset!

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