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I’ve heard many things about Kuta and I was keen on exploring this quieter and more relaxing spot of Lombok island, which is located next to Bali.

After our adventure in Tiu Kelep waterfalls, we took the road to Kuta. We arrived at 3:30 pm and the first thing we did was to start looking for a place to sleep. We checked a few places but most of them were full. We kept on searching ‘til we found a nice and calm guest house called Casa D’rico premium guest house. It was situated on the main road of Kuta beach and it had a restaurant inside. It was a busy and very simple place: plastic chairs, no schnickschnack. They serve a large variety of local and western food, though we only tried the local dishes. I had a tasty Mie Goreng meal. Moreover, they served fresh and delicious mango juice! Good food, good price, friendly people, we were happy about this place.

Now let me tell you how we spent the rest of the day. First, we went to check around for restaurants and things to visit in town. Second, we went to a very nice spot to watch the sunset. From there, we could see all the coastline. The combination between the mountains and the sea was incredibly beautiful. Of course, I had to take some pictures there. I couldn’t miss that opportunity! Finally, we ended up our day in an Italian restaurant, where food was ok, but not memorable. Then we walked all the way back to the guest house and “oups” the day was finished.

Are you wondering how did I spend the following day? Let me tell you about it. I woke up, I had my usual breakfast (banana pancakes) and I spent all day Chilling 😀 In the morning, I went to the beach alone and swam in that crystal water.


I have to explain you something here: while I was swimming I felt something swimming around me and squeezing me, I couldn’t catch it or see what it was. There were two Australian guys swimming next to me who saw me turning around and looking with concentration on the water.


 I guess they were curious because they came and asked me what are you looking for. I told them that I didn’t know, that I was trying to figure it out, and they joined me. Guess what! They were a bunch of little tiny crabs, it was a funny moment.


Kuta beach is also special because of its sand, it is one of a kind. It looks as the Moroccan couscous in case you know it :D! One day, I was in the beach laying on a towel enjoying the sun, when suddenly one of the local vendors came to sell me some fruit. Since I had fruit before I wasn’t really interested. Instead of leaving, she sat there with me and we start talking. We had a little conversation, she explained me things about living in Kuta. It was a little bit sad but I couldn’t do anything to change it. Afterwards, my boyfriend joined me in the beach, we had some fun and then we went back to the warung of the hotel to have lunch.

During the afternoon, we went to the sunset spot to witness again that amazing sunset.

IMG_4299IMG_4302IMG-20160810-WA0013Even if I had already seen it, it wasn’t enough, I wanted to see it again. The sky, the waves, the shape of the mountains and the rocks, everything was perfect, I could have stayed there and watch that view for hours, but unfortunately I couldn’t.

IMG_4315IMG_4317IMG-20160810-WA0016We went back to our place to meet our friends and we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant. We learnt about a reggae band giving a concert in a  bar and we went to have a drink and a little bit of fun. You know, the island lifestyle.

To conclude, Kuta is a chilling place, you can go there only to relax and to do surf, nothing else. If I were you I wouldn’t stay there more than 4 days because after that it gets boring to repeat the same activity every day.

Before I finish my post I want to thank you so much for visiting my blog and for showing love every time I publish a new post, you keep me motivated to share with you more stories 🙂

I hope you enjoy my little picture diary.


PS: Wearing my favorite hand-made crocheted bikini.



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39 thoughts on “Kuta Lombok”

  1. I keep hearing Kuta is a party area and yet your post makes it seem so peaceful! Looks like you had a lovely time there – Lombok seems to be calling me after reading this!

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  2. Wow this place looks like paradise! I think I might be able to chill and do nothing for more than 4 days in such a beautiful place! And the part with the crabs made my day haha, they didn’t hurt you?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just came back from your blog about the “City of Light”—Paris. Eye-catching pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. Engineer? Well, let me say that you are one of the most beautiful engineers I’ve ever encountered. Love your blog posts about interesting places around the world.

    I live in Panama, about five miles from the Panama Canal in Central America. A long way from Paris or Indonesia. 🙂


  4. Great post as always and some really lovely snaps. As luck would have it, I actually used to live in Lombok and it brought back a lot of memories. Certainly, you managed to really capture the beauty of the place with your snaps and I look forward to reading more in the future

    Liked by 1 person

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