Chefchaouen: the Blue Pearl of Morocco

Morocco, 21 June 2018

Chefchaouen: The Blue Pearl of Morocco


In addition to Marrakech and Fez, there are many other beautiful places in Morocco that you should explore. Amongst them, one of my favorites is Chefchaouen or, as it’s called by locals, Chaouen.

Also known internationally as Morocco’s “Blue Pearl”, Chefchaouen is located in the heart of the Rif Mountains. It is a small and conservative city, but it’s well worth the visit.

You should also visit the North of Morocco which offers amazing places to see! Starting from the city of Tangier to Al Hoceima all along the Mediterranean coast.

As you know since I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, I’m originally from Al Hoceima, a small city located in the Rif mountains, with probably the most and best beautiful beaches in Morocco! (no bias here…)!

Three friends from Barcelona came to visit me and my brother in my hometown. We enjoyed showing them around and taking them to swim in many different beaches, from rocky to sandy turquoise water beaches!!

Everyday was a blast! I’m happy I got the chance to show them my city around. Anyway, I better stop talking about my hometown (hahaha).

While my friends were in Al Hoceima, we did a day trip to Chefchaouen. I’d recommend spending at least a day there so that you can, at least, spend some time walking through the streets of the city. If you have time and can stick around for two days, you’ll be fortunate to see beyond the main attractions.

It took us 4 hours to arrive to Chefchaouen from Al Hoceima. We arrived around 11 am, had breakfast and started exploring the city. I have to admit that I fell in love with it. It is arguably the cleanest Medina in Morocco!! And probably the cutest.

Everywhere you go is blue, and that’s what makes Chefchaouen special. After hours visiting streets and shops, we needed a fresh drink so we stopped by a local shop and had a fresh fruit juice. It was yummy. I Can’t believe how easy is to find a good fresh juice in Morocco and how difficult is to find them in Boston!

After the break, we kept exploring and taking pictures! It’s impossible to stop taking photos in this city. Every corner is cuter than the previous one. We spent so much time picturing each spot.

The Medina is alive, with a perfect blend of locals and tourists. The shops, in addition to having breathtaking facades, are filled with quality pieces of art, jewelry, accessories, etc.

Later, we had lunch at Dar Baibou´s hotel restaurant. Whether or not you stay at Dar Baibou, you definitely want to check out their restaurant. I personally recommend to try their traditional tagine and then chill out on the rooftop while having some Moroccan tea (always a must, it is known).

After lunch we went to get some souvenirs before hitting the road to Al Hoceima.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to spend another day to explore the Rif mountains, but if you stay in that area more time, you should definitely explore Rif mountains. Chefchaouen is the perfect place for a hike: there are guided excursions that will take you up to the mountains and it’s also the right place for an easier solo trip. If you are traveling during Summer, just be sure to plan for the heat. The sun gets intense up there, especially during the afternoon.

Chefchaouen is a great place to visit. It has a good atmosphere to wander around and get the Rif vibes. Small, useful tip: locals don’t like to be photographed, so please be discreet and respect their privacy.!

Here’s a collection of Chefchaouen pictures. Hope you like them!




































Outfit Details: Red top from Finders Keepers The Label, Skirt from Zara, Sandals from Nine West.

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32 thoughts on “Chefchaouen: the Blue Pearl of Morocco”

  1. I have always heard about Fez and Merrakech, thank you for introducing an alternative destination. The pictures are just stunning, I wish to be teleported there 😛

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  2. I am totally in love with Morocco. Luckily it’s very close to Portugal, I can go several times. I’ve been here in the north and this was the place I liked the most. Beautiful.


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